About me

Giving your story meaning across borders

I know what it’s like to communicate with other cultures, in a language that’s not my own. And I’ve made it my business to help companies do the same.

Originally from the UK, I lived in Japan, Germany, Austria and France before finally settling several years ago in Barcelona, Spain. Before setting up my business, I worked in international corporate communications in a variety of organisations and sectors.

And to complete the picture…

Despite my British reserve, I regularly perform with a multilingual theatre group, using various techniques including improvisation and clowning. I’m also an active member of Toastmasters International, where I practice the art of public speaking and have won several speech competitions.

I combine these performance and speaking skills with communications know-how, and coach people to project themselves effectively in presentations, pitches and interviews.

And when I’m not doing any of the above… I happily spend precious time with my Franco-Mexican husband and my two British-Franco-Mexican children.