Job-hunting tools

Applying for a job in English?

I’ll help you sharpen your job-hunting tools and present a convincing job application.

CV, digital profile and cover letter in English

A CV is your personal sales pitch aimed at getting you an interview. It should be focused and persuasive. And adapted to the position you’re applying for.

But more than anything, your CV must stand out and tell a coherent, compelling story. A story that charts your professional achievements, and highlights your potential.

I can transform your CV, LinkedIn profile and covering letter to produce a professional, persuasive and targeted English job application.

If you need an effective CV in English, drop me a line here.

Coaching to capitalise on your English job interview

To impress at interview you need to do two things: prepare, and practice. Especially if your interview is in another language.

I offer coaching sessions in English to help you prepare your interview and approach it with confidence. I’ll give you the tools you need to reply to typical interview questions in English, and handle tricky moments.

Sessions can be in person in Barcelona, or remotely by Skype. Get in touch for more information on how I can help.

What my clients say

Maria Bauzà Villalonga
Visting student MIT, bachelor student CFIS-UPC

“Caroline helped me prepare an interview to obtain an intenational scholarship. She was extremely professional. She prepared questions and gave me constructive feedback on pronunciation and how I projected myself. Practising as if it were a real interview made me feel much more confident on the day.”

Olga Puy Iglesias
Communications Specialist

“I did a series of coaching sessions with Caroline to prepare an important job interview. She helped me not only with the language but also to focus content, highlight key messages and answer difficult questions. The coaching sessions were eminently practical and full of suggestions.”


Ana Belén Díaz


“Caroline adapted my CV in English to the international position I was applying for, highlighting my skills and strong points. We were in dialogue throughout to make sure my experience, competencies and objectives were accurately reflected – and all in record time.”