How to brag nicely – a motivational talk
10 Apr

How to brag nicely – a motivational talk

Many of us feel uncomfortable talking about our professional accomplishments and successes. After all, we’ve probably all been told that it’s rude to brag or boast.

But if you’re going to make an impression in a job interview, networking event or elevator pitch situation, glossing over your achievements is not a solution.

We’ve all followed a unique journey to get to where we are today.

If you’re to stand out and connect, it’s important to share your story and build elements of that journey – especially your achievements – into your pitch.

You therefore need to brag – but nicely.

As guest speaker at the first Tell Me More Talk in Barcelona last month, I shared my approach to highlighting our successes elegantly – shining a spotlight on our achievements in a non-boastful way. With plenty of good-humoured interaction, participants learned how to reframe the concept, and appreciate the opportunities it opens up to sell yourself in a professional context.

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