Coaching for presentations

Make an impact presenting in English

I offer personalised coaching and group training designed to boost your public speaking skills – and your confidence

Whether you’re pitching to a prospect or presenting key ideas to management, your message has to be clear, effective and persuasive. Presenting in another language can be a challenge – but with practice, you can become an authentic and confident speaker in English.

Through personalised coaching or professional training sessions, I’ll help you :

  • Persuade, convince and connect with your audience – from start to finish
  • Get to the point: structure your ideas in an effective way
  • Use body language and vocal variety to capture audience attention

The sessions are based on the concept of learning by doing. By practicing your presentation and integrating constructive feedback, you’ll see a marked increase in your skills and confidence levels.

Get in touch and find out how I can help.

What my clients say

Columban Hurley
Regional Manager UK & Ireland, Sth Europe, Turkey and MEA, International Paper

“Over two days Caroline helped my team (15 people from 10 different countries) hone their presentation skills in English. Thanks to her outstanding interpersonal skills and her deep understanding of how international corporations function, she provided very valuable personalised input to all participants. She is a rare blend of strict professionalism with people skills.”



Mariona Jimenez
Product Marketing Manager, ISDIN

“I would like to highlight your amazing performance in the course as a trainer. I’ve taken part in different effective presentations courses before, but there is always something to learn. The way you approach the course, your techniques and your passion are remarkable. I was so thrilled to be one of your attendees!”



Pierre Lamagnère
Former Consultant-Director, Cegos

“Caroline helped me prepare a leadership course I was giving in English. She immediately grasped the content of the course and coached me based on observation, respect and patience. I rapidly improved my pronunciation and delivery, and her positive attitude helped me gain confidence in my abilities.”