More than an English translation…

Transform your marketing communications into powerful tools in English.

Does your content already exist for the Spanish/French market? If so, I can adapt it for an English-speaking audience. I have to warn you though: this means going further than replacing one word or expression for another.

It’s about moving away from the original. And exploring all the rich possibilities of the English language for finding just the right combination of words – while respecting your style, key messages, and communications objectives.

English-speaking publics are demanding. If you’re up for it – and only if you are – I’ll also advise you on how to adjust your message for even more impact.

Get in touch and we’ll discuss how.

Take one simple word and check out the options in English for translating it

Brillar / Briller: Despedir rayas de luz propia o reflejada / émettre une vive lumière

– > English translation: shine, beam, radiate, gleam, glow, glint, glimmer, sparkle, twinkle, flicker, glitter, glisten, shimmer, dazzle, flash, flare, glare, fluoresce, glister (literary), coruscate, fulgurate, effulge, luminesce, incandesce, phosphoresce

Feeling a little…dazzled?

I can help you find the right words. Get in touch and find out how.

What my clients say

Jaime Lucea
Former Director of Strategy and Business Development, ForceManager

Caroline understood right away our messages and communications needs, and adapted our marketing communications texts to a new, English-speaking audience. They are now not just correct but effective in generating interest in our solutions – without doubt a solid step towards the internationalisation of our business.”

Yann Gaslain
General Manager, Procare Health

“I worked with Caroline on a PR project to help me strengthen my corporate communication in English. I was extremely satisfied with the work she delivered, which was much more than a simple translation. My final press release was impactful and well received. Caroline is also very flexible and completes work on time.”